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Marais Restaurant

The chef

One man’s story

Lalaina Ravelomanana, a self-taught Malagasy Chef fearing nothing and always ready to give his best. Madagascar’s most renowned Chef, a disciple of Auguste Escoffier who has already won 9 international awards, honoured by being the first African Chef inducted into the prestigious Académie Culinaire de France in 2010, has created from scratch an outstanding gourmet restaurant : Marais Restaurant

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The restaurant

The birth of a unique place and cuisine

On 15 April 2019, Lalaina, flanked by Delphyne, Christophe and Alexandre, opened the Marais restaurant. Driven by the same attention to detail and excellence, and the same enthusiasm for ambitious challenges, they set up from scratch a gourmet restaurant that became the pride of Madagascar after only a few months. A unique place where French gourmet cooking meets the treasures of the Malagasy terroir. A human adventure where Lalaina has chosen to foster local producers and train the best cooks in outstanding cuisine. An open-kitchen restaurant with nothing to hide but everything to share. There’s no fuss with Chef Lalaina, just a taste for doing things well and raising Malagasy cuisine to an unprecedented level of excellence

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